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Revolution for cats best price dogBuy Revolution For Cats At Best Price

If you are looking at place and thinking where to buy Revolution for cats at the best price and discounts – look no further.  I have put together a summary comparison of the best places to get this flea control and prevention medicine for cats and dogs.

Note that you need to buy the medication according to the weight of your pet.  So make sure you chose the option for 0-5 lbs if you are buying Revolution for puppies kittens under 5 lbs.

Place To Buy

The best places to buy this flea medicine cheaply are over at Pet Med and World Pet Express.  Their prices differ from time to time due to promotion.  At the time of writing, the cheapest place to buy Revolution for cats and dogs is at Pet Meds.

However, if you cat is between 5 t0 15 lbs, then it is a lot cheaper to buy the 12 pack from World Pet Express.  Also note that only Pet Med carry the medicine for cat between 15-22 lbs.

Pet Meds (Free Shipping for order over $49)

Revolution for cats 0-5 lbs 3 pack – $43.19

Revolution for cats 5-15 lbs 3 packs – $49.49; 6 pack – $89.98; 12 pack – $170.96

Revolution for cats 15-22 lbs 3 packs – $53.99; 6 pack – $94.48; 12 pack – $179.96

Use the coupon code “TOP10” when you buy it from Pet Med.

Ship to USA, Canada, Asia and Europe.

Visit PetMeds Official Site CLICK HERE

World Pet Express (Shipping Flat Rate at $6.95)

For cats 0-5 lbs 3 pack – $44

For cats 5-15 lbs 3 packs – $45; 6 pack – $69.99; 12 pack – $139.99

Only ship to within USA

Visit World Pet Express Official Site CLICK HERE

Flea Treatment For Cats And Dogs

REVOLUTION (Pink & Blue) is also known as STRONGHOLD.

This flea medicine for cats help kills the adult fleas and stop the flea eggs from hatching.  It is effective for 1 month.  The medication indicates that it prevents and control flea, prevent heartworm disease, treat and control ear mite, roundworm and intestinal hookworm infections.

For dogs, it comes in (Purple, Brown, Red and Green) and kills fleas, flea eggs, ear mites, scabies, controls American Dog Tick infestations.  It also prevents heartworm disease.