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Frontline Plus Reviews-Where To Buy With Discount

frontline plus for large dogsFrontline And Frontline Plus Reviews

Frontline is another highly recommended excellent product for preventing flea and ticks for dogs and cats, kittens and puppies.  Frontline Plus is the #1 veterinarian-recommended solution for flea and tick protection.

Frontline Plus vs Frontline

Frontline has always been the favourite and the top-rated flea and tick treatment products for a long time.  At the year 2000, they released Frontline Plus – an improved version of Frontline that contains the active ingredient S-methoprene. S-Methoprene kills the eggs and larvae of fleas and ticks effectively.

Frontline for Dogs and Cat

The original version Frontline contains an active agent that kills adult fleas, lice, and ticks within 24 hours, providing effective relief for the cats and dogs.

Frontline Plus for Dogs and Cats

At the year 2000, the manufacturer Meriel introduced the improved formulation called Frontline Plus for dogs and cats.  This improved product has since replaced the original Frontline.

What Was Improved In The New Version?

The primary difference is additional of an active ingredient in Frontline Plus – S-methoprene that stops the flea life cycle.  This interruption stops the larval fleas from developing into adult fleas.  Concurrently, this active ingredient in Frontline Plus also kill adult fleas within 24 hours.

This effectively protects your pet fro fleas at every stage.

In addition to stopping fleas, the active agent in Frontline Plus also, protect your pet dogs and cats from mites, chewing lice and ticks.

You might also want to know that Frontline Plus is waterproof.  This means that your pet dogs and cats will continue to be protected for the full month even if they go for a swim or take a bath.

Where To Buy The Flea And Tick Medication

Frontline Plus is a OTC (over the counter) medication for treating flea and tick in dogs and cats.  We recommend that that you buy the medication from reputable and trustworthy online stores that give guarantee such as this official store.

Click Here To Visit The Official Store Frontline Plus

The Price

For Dogs

Orange: small dog less than 22 lbs (3 apps, 6 app, 9 app) -> $44.99, $55.99, $105.99

Blue: medium dog size between 23-44 lbs (3 apps, 6 app, 9 app) -> $36.99, $55.99, $107.99

Purple: large dog size between 45-88 lbs (3 apps, 6 app, 9 app) -> $37.99, $58.99 $107.99

Red: Extra large dog size between 88-132 lbs (3 apps, 6 app, 9 app) -> $48.99, $76.99, $148.99

For Cats

Green med (3 apps, 6 app, 9 app) -> $35.99, $57.99, $115.99

Do You Need Vet Prescription

This depends on the online store that you buy from.  Some online sites require you to present the vet’s prescription before they shipped it to you.  Some websites do not require that.  You can try this online store that does not require any vet’s prescription. Click Here.


For Dogs older than 8 weeks



22 lbs and below

Apply 1 applicator ((0.67 ml)) monthly

Between 23 and 44 lbs

Apply 1 applicator ((1.3 ml)) monthly

Between 45 and 88 lbs

Apply 1 applicator ((2.68 ml)) monthly

Between 89 and 132 lbs

Apply 1 applicator ((4.02 ml)) monthly

For Cats older than 8 weeks



All weights

Apply 1 applicator ((0.5 ml)) monthly

Note – Let the application dry up first before you send your pet dog and cat for a bath or swim.

Does Frontline Plus work

Frontline Plus is one of the top recommended flea and tick prevention product by the vet.  It works for many.  Please see the consumer reviews below.

I have been using Frontline plus for many years and I am very happy with the results as I live in a very highly flea populated area
ssiegel45 , Jamaica new york
I have bought Frontline Plus for a number of years for a number of my outdoor cats. They roam 30+ acres of woods and I have not had one issue with fleas or ticks. I believe you can’t go wrong purchasing this product.
SassyKAK , Greene, NY
Great product. Good price. I shopped around locally to compare prices. 1800petmed with about 10% cheaper.
Sullys Dad , Elyria, OH, United States
Click Here For More Reviews On The Official Site

Unlike some other products such as Revolution, Frontline Plus stays on the surface of the skin and does not enter the body.  It is applied topically once a month on the pet.

The drug is excellent for flea control.  The solution kills 100% of the fleas within 12 hrs; and 100% of all ticks and chewing lice within 48 hrs.

Another point to note is that there is an option for Frontline Regular and Frontline Plus.  The key difference is that the former kills flea only while the latter kills both the flea and ticks.

Frontline Plus is waterproof and long lasting.  It works even after the dog goes for a swim or grooming.  It is one of the best drug use to break the flea life cycle in your pet dog.

Lowest Price

You can get the product at the lowest price here

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